Jake Kaligis is an Award-Winning American Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, and Band Leader born and raised in the Lehigh Valley. Originally from Whitehall, Pennsylvania he has travelled all over the world from Amsterdam to Tokyo, Maine to Miami, Chicago through Nashville, New York to Coplay. The purpose, goal and obsession being to bring joy through music and entertain audiences of all generations with his guitar and his voice.

He has been a member of many musical acts along the way including No Flies oN Frank, The Scott Bradoka Band, his own Jake Kaligis Band; The New Constitution and numerous Rock ‘n’ Roll acoustic acts including The Skulldiggers, The Dynamic Duo with Michael Rauscher and of course just how it all started performing all by himself as a Solo Acoustic Guitar Singing Troubadour. Kaligis now locally based at home in Allentown, PA has plans for a new release that had previously been delayed now finally coming to fruition in a full album recording CD and digital download release entitled “Sea of Tranquility” targeted for a Spring 2024 release.
That time is now!

In a quote from Jake: We are much too old as a human race to continue to endure atrocities like invasion, war, political deceit, race/sex-crime. We’re not impressing anyone right now. Perhaps we may learn share and edify the generations to come with our mistakes and better triumphs. In these harsh times of uncertainty, we have one thing we can and always will turn to and that is the power of music. That power allows us to hold on to hope, motivate spirits high and release our light and love into the Universe, if she’ll still have us. We can peacefully make it happen.

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